My life has been cultivated with three very simple principals: benevolence, the Tao, and sports. With a little luck and a lot of love, I assembled a fitness family and wellness destination in the world’s best kept secret, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.


I absolutely love what I do. The transformations I have influenced are a direct result of my passion and synergistic approach to fitness that molds every client into an independent, balanced athlete. My system integrates each individual need with intelligent program design to produce a unique nutritionally integrated lifestyle that keeps the journey fresh and fun.

Zach's Bio

What I enjoy the most is not the physical changes that every client earns but the mental strength and emotional growth that any sex, size, or shape can cultivate regardless of genetics, career, or situation. Fitness is an attitude, it begins with your body and is continued with your mind. These changes not only help you inside the gym but perpetuate into your entire life. Come to Rogue Fitness Cabarete and unleash your potential.