Fitness Fusion “Fierce Fusion w/ eXtra Core”

Warm Up Ground Drills (off TRX)

TRX Intro + TRX Warm Up

4 Rounds

Round 1: Lower Body
TRX Single Squat: 30 secs per leg
TRX Balance Lunge : 30 secs per leg
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge: 30 secs for leg
TRX Forward Lunge: 30 secs per leg
TRX Front Squat w/ explosive jump: 10 jumps
+ 1 min power skipping

I minute recovery

Round 2: Core (all 30 secs)

TRX Superman
TRX Sit Up
TRX Crunch (alternate TRX Pike)
TRX Mountain Climber
TRX Power Pull
+ 1 min power skipping (30 secs on one leg, 30 secs on other)

1 minute recovery

Round 3: Upper Body
TRX Push Up (alternate Atomic Push Up): 10 x
TRX Chest Press: 30 secs
TRX Bicep curl w/ reverse grip: 30 secs
TRX Tricep Press: 30 secs
TRX Deltoid Y Fly: 30 secs
+ 1 min power skipping (double unders encouraged)

1 minute recovery

Round 4: Core- repeat Round 2

eXtra Core:
Partner Medicine Ball switch sit ups
Partner Leg Push downs
“On the 10″‘s plated crunches

Stretch: TRX Stretch

Cool down on ground
🙂 Danielle

This in an endurance workout that incorporates yoga poses. It involves the use of a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and place face down, your workout begins after you’ve selected your first card. Use light weights as this is a difficult and strenuous workout. Your workout is complete once you’ve used the entire deck, or you just cannot continue.  You can do this alone, or as a group.

Cards 2-10 = the amount of reps you do

K, Q, J = 11 repS

♥ = curl & press

♦ = renegade row

♠ = lateral raises

♣ = lunges

If you select an Ace, you have to do 1 minute of the following

Ace ♥ = plank

Ace ♦ = downward dog

Ace ♠ = side plank

Ace ♣ = dancer

Joker = 1 minute of burpees

Good luck!


Legs, Delts, Back

  1. Squat Thrusters – 10 reps, add 2 reps each round
  2. Back Squat – 10 reps, add 2 reps each round
  3. TRX TY’s – 20 reps (if no TRX, light weight, high rep Arnold Press 20 reps)
  4. Lateral Raise Lunges – 10 reps, 5/leg
  5. Box Jumps (squat on the up, squat on the down) – rep until fatigue