4 Rounds

  • 15 roll situp pushes
  • 30 prison squats (hands behind the head for proper form)
  • 8 walk downs
  • 16 spin lunges
  • 20 lateral raises

1x only – whenever you want

  • 30 box jumps
  • 20 pull ups
  • 1 duck walk
  • 1 minute L sit


Back, Biceps, Abs

45-60 seconds rests

Pull ups – rep until failure
Deadlifts – x 10-14-18-22-16
Single arm row – x 12/arm
Bicep curl (DB/BB/TRX) – x 12
Core aspect
– leg raises, paper clip, 1 minute plank

Complete 5 sets of these 5 exercises

Delts, Triceps, Legs, Abs

Delts, Triceps, Legs, Abs

Reps/set:  14   8   12   18   16    8    6   10

1. Halo
2. Tricep extension
3. Swings
4. Plie lunge
5. Spin squat
6. Overhead kick ups/ sit-ups
7. Burpees

We will be doing 8 set of these 7 exercises. The trick to this circuit is mixing up our reps and sets to promote muscle confusion. Our first set, we will be starting with the halo, working our way down, completing 14 reps of each set. Once we have finished 14 burpees; we will take a 1 minute rest and then start again with burpees working our way back to the top, completing 8 reps of each set. We will be working top to bottom, bottom to top, like brushstrokes. Remember to always hydrate when needed, work at a pace you are comfortable with, and be aware of any modifications you may need to make, depending on how your body is feeling. Lift safe and have fun Rogueys!