Initial Session: Health History and Assessment

Intake forms are to be filled out in advance, at least 48 hours prior to appointment

In our session, we will review your:

  • Health History
  • Main concerns
  • Symptoms
  • Diet, lifestyle, and exercise routine
  • Goals

Using this information, we will discuss possible root causes, create an overall plan of action and personal protocol, and I will provide you with preliminary dietary and lifestyle recommendations to set you on the right track for regaining optimal health.

1.5 hrs $80

I know from experience that sometimes it is difficult to avoid temptation if you share your life (and kitchen) with a partner whose eating habits are a tad more lax than yours are (or you want them to be!) Or perhaps you and your partner feel that it is time to make some positive changes as a team to your diet and lifestyle. For these reasons, I offer couples consultations so that you can encourage each other and share in the joy and excitement that change can create!

2 hrs $ 130

Follow Up Appointments

Recommended every 2- 6 weeks- depending on your personal situation. These are necessary to evaluate your progress, address any issues that arise during the course of your protocol, and incorporate additional recommendations as you continue your path to wellness.

Individual sessions: 45 mins $50

4 pre paid sessions: $150

Ongoing Nutritional Counseling

This is an online service, and may be ideal for those who best benefit from Ongoing Nutritional Counseling . If you are struggling with a chronic illness or condition or simply want support in keeping up the progress you have made through a nutritional consulting program. Each month you will receive new recipes, strategies, and information on the latest research that pertains to your situation. You are also encouraged to make two 15 min skype or phone appointments with me to keep yourself on track and ask any questions you may have about your progress or the information you receive from me.

$50 a month