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Zach’s Class

Every class is customized to the athletes in each class. Making an incredible class for all fitness levels. Even those with mild and severe injuries! Part Jedi-mind training, part holistic crossfit. You have never had a class like this before.


Molly’s morning practice is Hatha based, however always incorporates different poses or styles of sun salutations. She spends 3-5 breaths in most poses and takes time to instruct where each toe should point, the alignment of the hips, or bringing the belly button in. It’s a practice that will help you discover poses, and is suitable for beginners and injured bodies. She gives lots of choices and options since she believes you wake up differently everyday. Her afternoon practice focuses only on basic poses as it is a beginner class geared towards tight Kiteboarder and Surfer bodies.

Yoga Cabarete - Dominican Republic


Tracy’s kickboxing class is too much fun. She does the class with you so you always feel like you can’t feel sorry for yourself since she’s been Kiting all day, trained herself early this morning, and now she’s sprawling, jabbing, and kicking as if it’s the first workout of her day. She incorporates technique, footwork, pad work, and bags. You can expect beginner combos, and after coming to class consistently, advance combos as well. Her class, like all Kickboxing, involves a lot of cardio, strength, and performance and will definitely make you stronger, faster, and more confident.




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8. The perfect Gym



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