Fitness Fusion “Fierce Fusion w/ eXtra Core”

Warm Up Ground Drills (off TRX)

TRX Intro + TRX Warm Up

4 Rounds

Round 1: Lower Body
TRX Single Squat: 30 secs per leg
TRX Balance Lunge : 30 secs per leg
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge: 30 secs for leg
TRX Forward Lunge: 30 secs per leg
TRX Front Squat w/ explosive jump: 10 jumps
+ 1 min power skipping

I minute recovery

Round 2: Core (all 30 secs)

TRX Superman
TRX Sit Up
TRX Crunch (alternate TRX Pike)
TRX Mountain Climber
TRX Power Pull
+ 1 min power skipping (30 secs on one leg, 30 secs on other)

1 minute recovery

Round 3: Upper Body
TRX Push Up (alternate Atomic Push Up): 10 x
TRX Chest Press: 30 secs
TRX Bicep curl w/ reverse grip: 30 secs
TRX Tricep Press: 30 secs
TRX Deltoid Y Fly: 30 secs
+ 1 min power skipping (double unders encouraged)

1 minute recovery

Round 4: Core- repeat Round 2

eXtra Core:
Partner Medicine Ball switch sit ups
Partner Leg Push downs
“On the 10″‘s plated crunches

Stretch: TRX Stretch

Cool down on ground
🙂 Danielle

Warm up – Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down

1st round: 30 seconds of reps

2nd round: 45 seconds of reps

3rd round: 30 seconds of reps

  1. Renegade row
  2. Floor flys
  3. Push ups
  4. Rocket row
  5. A-press
  6. Chatarungas
  7. Shoulder slayer
  8. Downward dog pushups
  9. Hail Zach’s
  10. Lunge flys (lunge position, both sides)
  11. Hip thrusts
  12. Popeyes
  13. Lunge kickbacks (both sides)
  14. Split leg bicep curls (lunge position, both sides)
  15. Bicep blaster

This in an endurance workout that incorporates yoga poses. It involves the use of a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and place face down, your workout begins after you’ve selected your first card. Use light weights as this is a difficult and strenuous workout. Your workout is complete once you’ve used the entire deck, or you just cannot continue.  You can do this alone, or as a group.

Cards 2-10 = the amount of reps you do

K, Q, J = 11 repS

♥ = curl & press

♦ = renegade row

♠ = lateral raises

♣ = lunges

If you select an Ace, you have to do 1 minute of the following

Ace ♥ = plank

Ace ♦ = downward dog

Ace ♠ = side plank

Ace ♣ = dancer

Joker = 1 minute of burpees

Good luck!