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WOD 3/26 – Fitness Fusion

Fitness Fusion “Fierce Fusion w/ eXtra Core” Warm Up Ground Drills (off TRX) TRX Intro + TRX Warm Up 4 Rounds Round 1: Lower Body TRX Single Squat: 30 secs per leg TRX Balance Lunge : 30 secs per leg TRX Crossing Balance Lunge: 30 secs for leg TRX Forward Lunge: 30 secs per leg […]

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WOD 3/16 – Zach’s Class

Warm up – Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down 1st round: 30 seconds of reps 2nd round: 45 seconds of reps 3rd round: 30 seconds of reps Renegade row Floor flys Push ups Rocket row A-press Chatarungas Shoulder slayer Downward dog pushups Hail Zach’s Lunge flys (lunge position, both sides) Hip thrusts Popeyes Lunge kickbacks […]

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WOD 3/6 Zach’s Class

This in an endurance workout that incorporates yoga poses. It involves the use of a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and place face down, your workout begins after you’ve selected your first card. Use light weights as this is a difficult and strenuous workout. Your workout is complete once you’ve used the entire deck, […]